Dear Chief Executives of the mining enterprises, Directors of design, research and educational institutions, Messrs. producers and suppliers of mining equipment! 

You  and your specialists are kindly invited to participate in the VII annual International Conference "Mining Industry in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region: View to the Future” (IMIC BEAR-2017) which will take place in Kirovsk Town, Murmansk Region, Russia on the 16 - 17 of November, 2017 

The Conference Topic: «Technological Re-Equipment of Mining Enterprises to Ensure Ecological Balance in the Arctic».

The Barents Euro-Arctic Region is a strategically important sector of the Arctic, rich in natural resources, which possesses a considerable technological, scientific potential and human resources. Good environmental practices in the conditions of sub-Arctic climate  defines status of the Barents Region as the leader in development of mineral resources in the Arctic. 2017 is declared the Year of Ecology in Russia. The intensive development of the mining industry in the region opens new opportunities for economic growth, but at the same time causes environmental changes. Therefore, one of the most important tasks of the mining industry is to ensure ecological balance in the Arctic.

In this regard, it’s necessary to resolve a number of issues as listed below:

  • To improve regulatory system governing environmental protection
  • Practical use of amendments in the field of environmental protection which were approved by the Parliamentary Corps;
  • To improve environmental indicators by reduction of the negative impact on the environment of the Arctic
  • To put into practice the best available technologies.
  • Formation of an active civic position among young specialists of mining complex in the sphere of ecological protection  

The Barents Euro-Arctic region is the region with the most dense level of interregional cooperation in Russia. Many international projects and initiatives that were implemented as well as ongoing ones explain the interest of politicians, executive authorities, academic and scientific communities, the business circles and mass media towards the Region.

Dear Sirs, you will have a unique opportunity to meet and communicate with CEOs, leading experts and representatives of foreign companies and four largest Russian mining industrial groups PhosAgro, EuroChem, Severstal, Norilsk Nickel. You may discuss  issues of common interest during  business meetings at sections, round tables, exhibition stands or during coffee breaks in informal atmosphere with those you have already established contacts or  with  whom you have not communicated yet.

The Conference  has become a good tradition and is a reliable business platform for exchange of opinions, ideas, experiences between specialists and entrepreneurs in mining and processing enterprises, mining services, state authorities and public organizations.

The Conference is run under the auspices of the Non-profit Partnership “Russian Mining Operators” and with support of the Government of Murmansk Region in the framework of the VI Murmansk International Business Week.

Organizers of the Conference:

 - Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation

 - Government of Murmansk Region

 - Kola Science Center of Russian Academy of Sciences

-  Euro-Arctic Chamber of Commerce

Chairman of the Organizing Committee:

Yurii Shafranik, Chairman of the Supreme Mining Council, Chairman of the Committee for Energy Strategy and Development

of the Fuel and Energy Complex (FEC) of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Russian Federation

Operator of the Conference: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Murmansk Region / Northern

The Conference Goals:

  • Improvement of legal framework governing environmental protection in mining complex of the Russian Arctic.
  • Improvement of the environmental conditions in the mining industry resulting from change-over to high-tech production.
  • Prospects for technical re-equipment in mining industry based on modern achievements of world experience.  

Topics of the IMIC BEAR - 2017 are devoted to:

  • Prospects for development and solutions of environmental problems in mining industry of the Barents Euro-Arctic region
  • Improvement of the regulatory system addressing environmental and social challenges in order to secure sustainable development of the mining industry
  • Best environmental practices, national strategies and fundamental principles as tools regulating environmental and social issues.

Other scientific and practical seminars, round table discussions might be organized if they meet the goals of the Conference IMIC BEAR–2017.

November, 16. Plenary session. CEOs and leading specialists of Russian and foreign authorities, mining industries, bankers, research institutions are invited to make presentations at the Plenary session.

November, 17. Breakout sections, round tables, poster presentations and exhibition (according to “IMIC BEAR – 2017” Program)

Other events during the Conference:

  1. B2B meetings (to be agreed and ordered in advance by email:

II.     Trade Show / Presentations.

Full Conference fee:

Registration fee: 430 € per person (including VAT) before the 15th of September 2017.  The registration fee includes participation in official ceremony, Plenary session & sections, consecutive and simultaneous Russian–English interpretation during the Conference, informational support, lunch, official reception, hotel booking, local transport service.

Exhibition booth (4 sq.m): 150 €.

After the 15th  of September  2017 registration fee will be 500 € per person (including VAT).

Early registration is encouraged!

Correspondence participation fee:

100 € (including VAT). The fee includes informational materials, besides, information about correspondent participant will be placed at the Conference web site in the section “Participants-2017”


20 of October    2017                         –  registration for the Conference will be closed

01 of November 2017                       –  theses of the reports / presentations to be submitted

15-16 of November  2017                – arrival days, registration of the participants

16-17of November  2017                 – Conference working days

Additional  information: See the details regarding program, participants, online registration, deadlines,  announcements  and other issues at

Contact persons:

Natalia Schebarova (accommodation, logistics issues)

Olga Yustchuk (general  issues)

Nadezda Kumashova (foreign participants)

Andrey Iliin (organizing issues)

Vladimir Masloboev  (presentations at Plenary session and sections)

Address: 10 Russanova Pereulok, Murmansk, 183038, RUSSIA

Telephones: +7 (8152) 55-47-20, 55-47-47, 55-47-23; tel/fax: +7 (8152) 55-47-21;

Mobile tel.: +7 960 020 1605



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