Dates: 20 – 21 of November, 2014

The main topic of the Conference: "Ensuring Sustainable Development of the Mining Industry in the Arctic Zone Amid the Global Market Instability"

The Conference was held under the auspices of the Non-profit Partnership “Russian Mining Operators” and

with support of the Government of the Murmansk region in the framework of the III Murmansk International Business Week.

The Conference was included into the plan  of activities of the EU-Russia Year of Science 2014.


Organizers of the Conference:

 - Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation,

 - Government of the Murmansk Region,

 - Kola Science Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences,

 - Euro-Arctic Chamber of Commerce.

The Conference Operator is the Northern Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


The Chairman of the Organizing Committee:

Yurii Shafranik, Chairman of the Supreme Mining Council, Chairman of the Committee for Energy Strategy and Development of the Fuel and Energy Complex (FEC) within the Chamber of Commence and Industry of Russia.


Conference Goals:

  • To determine the prospects for expanding of the marketable products in the mining complex of  BEAR with high added value and competitive at the world market under WTO conditions;
  • To facilitate the development of informational and communication technologies in the mining industry of BEAR;
  • To analyze the possibilities for innovative modernization of technology and production in the mining complex of BEAR due to expansion of international cooperation;
  • To identify priorities for employment of specialists in the mining industry of  BEAR.


Main Topics of the Conference:

•      The key factors affecting development of the mining industry in the Arctic zone.

  • Analysis of competition on the raw materials markets and ways of solving the related problems.
  • Estimation of possibilities of the scientific and technical base of the BEAR countries to create new technologies in mining and processing sectors
  • Training of specialists of higher and middle management adapted to work at the modern high-tech mining and processing complexes in the Arctic zone.


On the 20th of November 2014 the Conference was opened with the plenary session.

On the 21st  of November discussions were continued at the following sessions :

Session 1.  Modern Ways of Development of Mining Industry in the Western Segment of Arctic in Modern Conditions of Mineral Resources Global Market.

Session 2.   Development of Informational and Communication Technologies, Automatization and Remote Control under Technological and Manufacturing Processes

Session 3.  Training of Engineers and Technical specialists for the Modern Mining Enterprise.

Round Table 1.  Sustainable Mining Industry, Local Communities and Environmental Regulation in the Barents Region

Round Table 2.  Cross-sectoral Cooperation in the Region as one of the Solutions to the Main Problems in the Construction Sector of the Murmansk Region and one of the Ways of its Development.

Other activities during the Conference

I.              Organization of the negotiations (B2B meetings)

II.             Exhibition / Presentations.

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Media partners

Magazine “Mining Code”  of Supreme Mining Council


Magazine "Minig Industry"